Cleaning Policy

☘️Cleaning OZONE POLICY 🍀


At GYM DROP RENT, we are committed to providing our clients with clean, fresh, and sanitized activewear for their fitness and active lifestyle needs. Our cleaning policy encompasses the use of ozone technology to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Here's how we maintain the quality and cleanliness of our activewear:


1. Ozone Treatment:

   - All activewear items are subjected to ozone treatment after each rental period. Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent that effectively eliminates bacteria, odors, and impurities, leaving the garments refreshed and sanitized.


2. Eco-Friendly Cleaning:

   - We prioritize eco-friendly cleaning practices by utilizing ozone technology, which eliminates the need for harsh chemicals and detergents. Ozone treatment is a sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning method that aligns with our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.


3. Thorough Inspection:

   - Before and after ozone treatment, each activewear item undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure its cleanliness and integrity. Any garments that do not meet our stringent quality standards are promptly removed from circulation for further cleaning or maintenance.


4. Quality Assurance:

   - Our cleaning process is designed to uphold the highest standards of quality and hygiene. We strive to deliver activewear that is not only clean and sanitized but also comfortable, durable, and ready for your active pursuits.


5. Client Satisfaction:

   - Your satisfaction is our priority. If you have any specific cleaning preferences or concerns, please feel free to communicate them to us. We are here to accommodate your needs and ensure that you receive activewear that meets your expectations.


6. Continuous Improvement:

   - We are committed to continuous improvement in our cleaning practices and customer service. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we welcome any suggestions or comments to enhance your rental experience.


By incorporating ozone technology into our cleaning process, we strive to provide you with activewear that is not only clean and hygienic but also environmentally conscious and sustainable. Thank you for choosing GYM DROP RENT for your activewear rental needs.


For any inquiries or additional information, please contact us at [ Contact Information].