About Us

Embark on a journey with Sonya Dimitrova, a small-town girl from Bulgaria, whose life took an unexpected turn when she got a one-way ticket to the UK at 23. From missing her family to becoming a single parent, Sonya's resilience and determination shone through. Through self-care and embracing challenges, she found empowerment in the LSF community and built Gym Drop Rent, a platform that revolutionized activewear access for women of all backgrounds.


Amidst personal trials and losses, Sonya's unwavering spirit led her to invest in her healing journey and emerge stronger. Join her mission to empower women's physical and mental well-being through affordable and inclusive activewear. Become part of the Gym Drop Rent movement by sharing your pre-loved activewear or stepping up as an ambassador. Let's unite in self-expression and support every woman's journey to confidence and empowerment. Are you ready to join Sonya on this inspiring mission? Fill in the form and be a part of this transformative movement!