Care Sheet

Extra Care Policy GDR

Dear valued customer,

Thank you for choosing our rental service. We want to ensure that you have the best experience with our items, so we kindly ask you to take special care of them. By following these simple guidelines, you can help preserve the quality and longevity of the rental items:

At the gym care 💪🏾: 

  1. Mindful Tanning Products: Please be cautious when using tanning products while wearing light-colored items. Tanning products may contain ingredients that can stain or discolor fabrics. We recommend using a towel or cover-up to protect the rental items.

  1. Beware of Belts and Straps: Take extra care with belts and straps that might get caught or entangled with the clothing material. These can potentially damage the fabrics or cause tears. It's a good practice to remove belts or secure them properly to avoid any mishaps.

  1. Mindful of Jewelry and Accessories: Clients should be cautious when wearing jewelry or accessories that could potentially snag or cause tears on the rental items. It's advised to remove sharp or pointed objects before trying on or wearing the rental items.

At home 🏡: 

  1. Proper Handling and Storage: We kindly request our clients to handle and store the rental items with care. Avoiding rough handling, excessive stretching, or pulling on delicate fabrics can help maintain their quality and longevity.

  1. Avoiding Harsh Chemicals: We recommend that clients refrain from using harsh chemicals, such as bleach or strong detergents, on the rental items. These chemicals can potentially damage the fabric or cause color fading. Instead, gentle and mild detergents should be used for cleaning purposes.

  1. Prompt Reporting of Damages: In the event of any accidental damage or issues with the rental items, we kindly ask clients to promptly report it to our customer support team. This allows us to address the situation promptly and take appropriate action.

  1. Dry Cleaning and Laundering: Some rental items may require professional dry cleaning or specific laundering instructions. Clients should follow the care instructions provided with the rental items to ensure they are properly cleaned and maintained.